It has been a great pleasure and blessing for me to share the unique experience that has come to be known as CIBO with you. Quite literally, “cibo” means “food” in Italian. But in the context of our 12-year adventure, it has become a much more meaningful concept; one that implies a welcoming place filled with flavor and culinary comforts, where appetites are warmed and tastes are redefined. On the occasion of CIBO’s 12th Anniversary, my heart is filled with thanks for the way your support and satisfaction have helped define who we are today. In the truest sense, it is you, our beloved diner, who has led our every step towards becoming the country’s most beloved Italian dining destination. CIBO’s success has always been anchored on its innate understanding and responsive delivery of what you desire.

It is in this same spirit that we proudly announce our 12th opening, our newest baby, CIBO Bimbi. She is the result of a most delightful observed phenomenon—the rapidly growing patronage of the kids’ market segment, your children. We feel that Bimbi’s birth provides the perfect circumstance to celebrate what we have become and to honor where we are going. On these next few pages you

will find our core brand values, and yes there are coincidentally 12 of them, expressed by our newest VIPs—the bimbi of CIBO. They say that kids say the darndest things, and for this we say GRAZIE! to them and to you—for your loving candor that shows us the way.





CIBO reminds me of Italy.

- Maxine, 8

CIBO is a pioneer in the Philippines’ casual-dining industry that offers homestyle real authentic Italian fare, inspired by recipes from Italy’s oldest kitchens. Infused with signature modern touches, CIBO continues to provide a taste experience like no other.



CIBO makes it easy to eat healthy.

-Pia, 11

CIBO serves it fast but always serves it fresh, hearty and healthy. In the tradition of true Italian cooking, every menu item honors and brings to the fore the rich flavors of fresh produce, ensuring diners of the complete nutritional benefits of the dishes with every full-flavored bite.



CIBO is cool and hip.

-Ravi, 8 / Jonte, 8

Every CIBO branch adheres to proprietary design patterns that make it undeniably hip, sleek and distinctive, evoking contemporary flair while providing a relaxed, casual-dining atmosphere—the same trailblazing spirit expressed in its brave brand of cuisine.



CIBO is still al dente after all these years.

-Kyla, 11 / Danielle, 7

Diners can be assured of the same high level of consistency and quality, the same promise of flavor that they have grown to expect every time they choose CIBO. Across all branches, CIBO adheres to the strictest of guidelines and global standards when it comes to food preparation, delivery and service.



There is a CIBO (almost) everywhere!

-Brandon, 10 / Adrian, 5

Over the past decade, CIBO has branched out rapidly to situate itself in the most strategic commercial centers and neighborhoods, providing customers with its unique brand of cuisine wherever these diners choose to be. With its friendly price points and substantial servings, CIBO offers the perfect formula to ensure unmatched satisfaction for customers everywhere.



CIBO makes our parents happy.

-Lorenzo, 10

CIBO’s famous Spinach Dip is legendary for its ability to make instant vegetable afficionados of its youngest, most adamant diners. With the addition of CIBO Bimbi’s all-natural fruit and drink-churning Latte Bar, CIBO continues its tradition of proving that healthy can be synonymous to delicious. Parents can be assured that they are making the smart choice every time they choose CIBO.



CIBO time is family time.

-Gabe, 4 / Jose, 13

Another CIBO original was the introduction of family-sized servings back in 2005. This was inspired by the constant droves of families that continue to make CIBO their favorite impromptu choice-place for bonding. After all, nothing compares to quality time spent at the CIBO table.



CIBO has heart.

-Lexi, 5

Because customers have made CIBO the relevant and formidable industry player that it is today, CIBO chooses to be relevant to the community by giving back and making a difference. CIBO has done its share of volunteerism through the Hands On Manila Serv-a-thon for three consecutive years. And together with Senator Mar Roxas’ MARaming Bayani Foundation, CIBO has spearheaded feeding programs and medical missions for the Kabalikat Foundation in Baseco. CIBO continues the tradition of service with its Books For The Better Campaign, a project of Amado Forés—18 year old son of CIBO’s creator Margarita Forés—that ventures to nurture the literacy of children everywhere.



CIBO warms our hearts.

-Grace, 5

Many believe that CIBO’s dishes satisfy to the core and offer priceless comfort to all those who partake of them. It is this indescribable quality that sets CIBO’s cuisine apart. Perhaps it is due to the touch of home-style cooking, or maybe it is the rich flavors, or even the devotion and love put into the preparation and service of every dish. Whatever it may be, every consumer understands that undeniable CIBO warmth that words fail to describe.



CIBO knows us well.

-Iñigo, 5 / Enrique, 4

Most of CIBO’s staff have been with them since the very beginning and have developed amazing rapport with many of CIBO’s regulars. Because of this, they have the charming ability to express customers’ favorites faster than one can say “Rigatoni Alfonso.” The result? A unique brand of personalized service that cannot be rivaled.



CIBO helps us learn new things.

-Martina, 8

Thanks to CIBO, pasta has become the new spaghetti. Its foray into the Philippine food circuit has allowed for the expansion of the Filipino’s Italian culinary vocabulary. CIBO celebrates this phenomenon by fostering a learning environment through educational merchandising, helping kids distinguish Farfalle from Penne, Fusilli from Tagliatelle, Ghiotta from Genovese. It has introduced them to terms like panna cotta, panini and tramezzini. CIBO’s trademark dishes like Frullato Uva Nera (red grape shake), Spinaci Zola (spinach dip) and Tagliata Di Manzo (roast beef tenderloin) have inspired and changed the country’s dining scene forever.



CIBO is our kind of yummy place.

-Enzo, 11

The creation of CIBO Bimbi marks the official entry of the CIBO brand into the kids’ segment in signature bold and brave fashion. Beyond offering pint-sized kid-friendlier food portions and design-your-own pizza, there will be the country’s first ever Latte Bar—serving all natural fruit and Hacienda Macalauan homegrown milk concoctions (Frullati Di Latte). Ninety five percent of the country’s dairy consumption comes from imported sources. CIBO’s choice to support local artisan producers like Hacienda Macalauan is its small way of teaching kids to love and support their own.

The unveiling of CIBO Bimbi also coincides with the launch of its kid-centered VIP program called CIBO Club Bimbi that gives loyal children access to a Bimbi Badge

to flash at any CIBO branch in exchange for monthly food freebies, premium perks and/or exclusive surprises.

There will also be CIBO-style Birthday Party Packages offered down the line, complete with optional Latte Bar-tending and Cooking Demo interactivities with Margarita Forés, to coincide with the rest of CIBO’s trendsetting offerings.

Aside from this, CIBO Bimbi will serve as the permanent center for the gathering of books for its in-house children’s advocacy, Books For The Better. All these and more kick off CIBO's next 12 years with renewed excitement for the many great things in store.

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